How to do an upgrade to the Shop Floor Insight Windows service

How to do an upgrade to the Shop Floor Insight Windows service

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This article is intended for resellers (or partners) that are technical in nature. These upgrade steps should not be attempted by customers nor end users.


    • When doing the upgrade, there cannot be anyone using Shop Floor Insight


  • Find all Shop Floor Insight Windows Services and stop them.

The easiest method is to navigate to the Windows services and from there identify the location of the files.

    • From the server where the Shop Floor Insight Service is installed, go to Control Panel // Administrative Tools // Services // (also possible to search for “Services” from the Start menu)
    • The default Shop Floor Insight Service description is “Shop Floor Insight”. It is common to have a different service description, however. Service descriptions that have “SFI” or “Shop Floor” are typical.
    • Find the Service, right-click and stop

If there are other Shop Floor Insight Services also running, these would have different names. It is common to have other services running for a sandbox or training environment. Find all these Services running on the server and stop them.

  • Find the location of the Shop Floor Insight files used by the Windows service.
    • Once the service is stopped, right-click the service and select Properties
Select Properties
    • The folder location is visible in the “Path to executable” section. Select and copy this folder location.
Shop Floor Insight Properties
  • In Windows explorer, navigate to the folder location where the service is running.
  • Find the TimeCollectionModule.Service.exe.config file. Be sure to select the right file which has a .CONFIG extension.
Config File
  • Make a backup copy of this config file to another folder. In addition, also create a backup copy of the licence file found in this folder “txt”.

This needs to be done for every Shop Floor Insight Service currently running on the server.

  • The next step is to open the ZIP file that contains the upgrade files. This file is available for resellers in the support portal. Contact your Insight Works representative if need be.
    • Open the ZIP file named “Shop Floor Insight X_Y Install and Upgrade Patch Files”. “X_Y” represents the version of Shop Floor Insight you are about to install.  IE: 7_5 for this demonstration
    • Navigate to the folder:   ..\Shop Floor Insight 7_5 Install and Upgrade Patch\Install\Patch\Service\
  • Copy the entire contents of the “Service” folder in the ZIP file and paste them into the folder where the Service runs.
Service Folder

Replace the files to overwrite them.

Replace Files
  • From the backup copy previously saved, copy and paste the TimeCollectionModule.Service.exe.config file back into the folder where the Shop Floor Insight Service runs. This will replace the stock config file with the config file that is already configured for the customer.

Repeat this process for all Shop Floor Insight Services running on the Server. Both the config file and licence file are required to ensure a functional Shop Floor Insight application. Use the backup copies of these files if need be.

Replace Files
  • The next thing to do is to start the service. Navigate to the Windows Services and start the “Shop Floor Insight” service.

If there is more than one Shop Floor Insight Service for the customer, repeat this for every service.

  • Using a Chrome browser, open the Shop Floor Insight URL.
  • The Shop Floor Insight client version 7.5 login screen looks like this:
Time Card
  • There are a lot of visual differences between version 7.4 and 7.5 of Shop Floor Insight.

Version 7.4 looks like this:

Version 7.4
Time Card
  • If you get a language / licence error, stop the service and ensure the config file and licence file are both OK. Refer or copy the backup files if needed, then restart the Shop Floor Insight service
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