13. Print Barcodes and Smoke Test in Shop Floor Insight

13. Print Barcodes and Smoke Test in Shop Floor Insight

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Once you have the Business Central side configured and have installed the Shop Floor interface then you can proceed to smoke test the system and confirm functionality.

In Business Central, navigate to Shop Floor Employee Badges.

Shop Floor Insight

Print the badges to your printer.

Shop Floor Employee Badges
Employee Badges

Navigate to “Generate Barcode Sheets”

Generate Barcode Sheets
Generate Barcode Sheets
Barcode Sheet

In your web browser, navigate to your server

Navigate to Server

Scan a Shop Floor Employee badge.

Note: the barcode in this screen will not work in your system, you need to print out your own barcodes and scan those.

Shop Floor Insight
Shop Floor Insight

If you have production orders or jobs in your system you can further smoke test by scanning productive time on either of those document types.

At this point the technical installation is complete.

This quick start install guide provides very basic installation material, it is recommended that you contact your Microsoft Partner or Insight Works representative for training and configuration advice to take advantage of the advanced configuration options in this solution.

Add-ons from Insight Works are integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Some configuration is required. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU REACH OUT TO YOUR MICROSOFT PARTNER OR INSIGHT WORKS FOR IMPLEMENTATION HELP.

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