Change Locations on the Handheld Devices

Change Locations on the Handheld Devices

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Warehouse Insight works with a single location at a time. All documents (sales orders, purchase orders, and more) shown on the device are related to the device’s configured location. To switch between multiple locations on the handheld devices, you can create a configuration barcode that you scan from the home screen.

Configure the device for each location

You require one Device Configuration for each location you want to use. Once you have a configuration for each location, you use the Device Configuration report to generate a barcode. For more information on these configurations, see Warehouse Insight’s Configuration page.

The example below uses a sample location, Shopify, as a new location to switch to.

  1. Navigate to Warehouse Insight / Administration / Device Setup / Device Configurations in Business Central.
  2. Complete one of the following:
    • Select NEW (to create and use a new Device Configuration)
    • Select an existing Device Configuration
  3. Input the following for a new Device Configuration, if needed:
    • Code: SHOPIFY
    • Location Code: SHOPIFY
  4. Create a new device configuration for all the locations you will be using the scanners with (e.g., “SHOPIFY” is one of the locations in this example).
  5. Select Reports / Print Configuration Barcode from your selected Device Configuration.
  6. On the Report Request page, set the following and print one report per device configuration:
    • Printer: (Handled by the browser)
    • Create Combined Barcode: Enabled
    • Include Device Code: Enabled
    • Include Company Name: Disabled
    • Include Reload: Enabled
    • Include Web Service: Disabled
    • Include Login Mode: Disabled
    • Code: SHOPIFY
  7. Select Print.
  8. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight home screen on the handheld device.
  9. Scan the configuration barcode generated by the report.
  10. Input the Configuration Password (the default is “1234”).

The handheld device is now configured to use the new location.

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