OAuth and OData replacing SOAP for pages and Web service access key / basic Authentication

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Business Central 17.1 introduces two new warnings that will currently show up on a User card in Business Central and on the Web Services list in Business Central.

“Web Service Access Key is being deprecated on SaaS. Please use OAuth.”

“OData V3 (on the page referred as OData) is being deprecated on SaaS. Please use OData V4”

Currently Warehouse Insight and Shop Floor Insight authenticate with Business Central in the Microsoft SaaS hosted environment with the web service key which will be impacted by this change.

What actions you need to do now?

No action is currently required, the apps will continue to authenticate and function correctly.

What actions will you need to do later?

When Insight Works provides updates to support the newer OAuth and OData v4 then the Warehouse Insight app will need to be updated on the scanners, with re-entering of credentials.

When an update is available for Shop Floor Insight an update to the windows service will be needed along with re-entering credentials.

When will Insight Works address this change?

All impacted Insight Works apps will be updated before the Business Central releases that enforce the mandatory changes.

Warehouse Insight version 2.5, released in April 2021 supports OAuth. Select “OAuth” as the login method in the Configuration screen on the device to use it.

Warehouse Insight version 2.6, set for release in March 2022 supports OData and SOAP communication.

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