Add Signature Capture to Warehouse Insight

Add Signature Capture to Warehouse Insight

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The following instructions assist you in creating an extension override to create a custom event capturing a signature on a handheld device. Create an override for the chosen application:

  1. Select Warehouse Insight (in Business Central) / Administration / Device Setup / Applications.
  2. Locate and select WHSE_SHIPMENT_DOC in the Code column.
  3. Select Create Override.
  4. Select Design (opens Warehouse Insight Application Designer page).
  1. Select Events and click and drag Custom Event to the design area.
  2. Select Variables, click and drag “ ”, and attach it to Custom Event beside Name.
  3. Select “ ” and input “DoSignatureCapture”.
  4. Select Interactions, click and drag Capture Signature, and attach it beneath Custom Event under Name.
  5. Select Variables, click and drag true, and attach it to Capture Signature beside Require Name.
  6. Select Variables and select Create Variable.
  7. Input “image_file_name” in New variable name and select OK.
  8. Select Variables, click and drag set item to, and attach it beneath Capture Signature under Require Name.
  9. Select item and set to image_file_name.
  10. Select Variables, click and drag Evaluate Text, and attach it to the right of set image_file_name to.
  11. Select Variables, click and drag “ ”, and attach it to Evaluate Text beside Expression.
  12. Select “ ” and input “Signature for [signature_name].png” (pulls the name from Require Name).
  13. Select Actions, click and drag Run Event, and attach it beneath set image_file_name to.
  1. Select Variables, click and drag Nothing yet, and attach it to Run Event beside Event ID.
  2. Select Event ID and select COMMON:AddAttachment.
  3. Select Save and select OK.

Create a menu icon for the custom command

Ensure you have completed the steps above and that you have an extension override to execute the command. After you have completed this, create a menu icon for your handheld by completing the following:

  1. Navigate to Warehouse Insight Application in Business Central.
  2. Select the Caption field in a new line and input “Sign Document”.
  1. Select Require Line dropdown and select Yes.
  2. Select Standard Action and select Application Event.
  3. Select Custom 1 and input “DoSignatureCapture”.
  4. Select Icon Code dropdown and select Full from full list.
  5. Select +New and input the following:
    1. Code: SIGNATURE
    2. Description: Signature
    3. Image: Select +, select the image to use (SignatureIcon.png if available), and select Open.
    4. Select Back icon.
  6. Select SIGNATURE from the list and select OK.
  7. Select Warehouse Insight (in Business Central) / Administration / Device Setup / Record Search Rules.
  8. Locate Warehouse Shipment Line and ensure the following fields are correct:
    1. Source No. Field No.
    2. Source No. Field Name
    3. Source Line Field No.
    4. Source Line Field Name
    5. Source Type Field No.
    6. Source Type Field Name

The extension override is complete, and the handheld device can capture a signature.

Capture a signature on a handheld

Test your new functionality on a handheld device connected to your Business Central environment.

  1. Press Warehouse Insight / Ship.
  2. Select a sales order and select Menus.
  3. Press Sign Document and:
    1. Sign your name.
    2. Input your name.
    3. Press OK (uploads and attaches the signature).
  4. Press OK.
  5. Navigate to the corresponding Sales Order in Business Central and ensure the signature has been attached (open the document for viewing, if needed).

Signature Capture in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The following video provides an example of how to use Create Base Application Wizard to extend existing Warehouse Insight applications.

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