Delay Increment

Delay Increment

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Define delay increments on the MxAPS Delay Increment page. A delay increment controls how far forward in time the scheduling engine moves an operation when a delay is exceeded. The shorter amount of time specified the more times an operation is rescheduled before it finds a time when the maximum delayed condition can be satisfied.

For example, if the maximum delay between operations is set at 30 minutes with a delay time of 1 minute and an operation is initially considered for scheduling but has a calculated delay of 45 minutes, the operation could potentially have 15 scheduling attempts before the maximum delay condition is satisfied.

The default values provide a good mix of schedule processing time versus scheduling precision. These values only need to be set if you are using just in time scheduling or have defined operation or segment delays.

Delay Increment Tooltips

Field/Control Name FastTab or FactBox Caption Tooltip
Difference From   Difference From Specifies the difference between values (in time units).
Difference To   Difference To Specifies the difference between values (in time units).
Increment   Increment Specifies the value of the increment in %.
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