Assemble to Order with the Order Fulfillment Worksheet

Assemble to Order with the Order Fulfillment Worksheet

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Allocation of an assemble-to-order (ATO) item sales order line is determined by allocation of the ATO item’s component lines in the worksheet (e.g., If Qty. Needed is greater than 0, Qty. Allocated on the item’s order line is the minimum number of units you can assemble based on the current component allocation).

The following are not currently supported:

  • Auto-reservation of ATO or ATO component lines from the worksheet.
  • Reservations on assembly order lines (e.g., reservations made directly from the assembly order document).
  • Nested assembly orders (e.g., assemblies with assembled components).
  • Partial ATO sales lines (e.g., Quantity equals 2 with Qty. to Assemble to Order equals 1; the other unit from stock requires a separate sales line for the stock quantity).
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