Output to License Plate

Output to License Plate

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  • Have License Plate Module licensed and installed.
  • The Shop Floor Insight service user must have the appropriate LPM-related permission sets.
  • Business Central version 16 and newer only.
  • Shop Floor Insight version 7.9 or newer with service tier html/js version 7.9 or newer.
  • Ensure the barcode scan timeout is reasonably short for usability (length is dependent on the needs of the user).
  • No previous customizations on output, work instructions, or dispatch-related web services.
  • Be aware that when you are outputting onto a license plate, you are outputting inventory that exists when the output is posted.

Configuration Options

Review pre-requisites first. In the Production Order section on the Client Configuration Card is a new group for license plating. The following are the configuration options.

License Plate Output Mode

Output Mode Definition
Match Production Order Line The default option and most typical for installs.

This ensures there is at least one license plate line for every one production order line.

You can have multiple lines if you use item tracking, as this does not remove the constraint that you have different license plate lines for different lots and/or serial numbers.

When recording multiple outputs (multiple shots) on the same production order line with the same item and tracking details, the output recorded timestamp is the last time the license plate line was updated.

Match Item and Tracking This is what Warehouse Insight does out of the box.

If you have a production order with two production order lines producing the same item, Warehouse Insight updates the same license plate line; however, the license plate constraint still exists if you are using lot or serial tracking.

When recording multiple outputs (multiple shots) on the same production order line with the same item and tracking details, the output recorded timestamp is the last time the license plate line was updated.

Use this option when it is irrelevant that the same item on a production order exists multiple times, and you want the license plate to match based on item and tracking details.

Always create a new license plate line Creates a new license plate line for every output recording instance, referred to as a shot.

Use this option when the project has a requirement to keep track of individual output shots.

Use Warehouse Insight output mode Sets the LPM License Plate No. on the item journal line, prompting the Warehouse Insight posting trigger to output to the license plate.

Additional configuration behaves as Warehouse Insight behaves, including any bugs, feature changes, and more.

Use this option to remove Shop Floor Insight’s control on how the output is added to a license plate.

This option can be used on installs where both Warehouse Insight and Shop Floor Insight are installed, and they need the output modules on both to behave the same when updating the license plate.

License Plate Timing

This setting is only relevant when the Warehouse Insight output mode is not used.

Update License Plate When Posted This is the typical setting. Use this setting as the preferred setting option in most scenarios.

If the item journal line is modified or deleted, it allows discrepancies to occur.

Update License Plate When Recorded Updates the license plate when the output is recorded to the output journal line.

This setting is less ideal; if the line is adjusted or deleted prior to posting, the license plate could become out of sync.

This setting allows posting to be done via a job queue as output journals often have approval processes.

If the item journal line is updated or removed, the license plate is not automatically updated. If the quantities change, the user changing the quantities must manually change the license plate.

Do not update the License Plate Use this setting for customizations or when used with Warehouse Insight mode.

This setting tells Shop Floor Insight not to update the license plate when recording output and that another application (e.g., Warehouse Insight, LPM, or a customization) is in control of updating the license plate.

How to use

  1. Ensure you have pallet labels already printed (barcode format: %LP%123456789).
  2. Navigate to the Time Card screen and scan an existing license plate.
  3. Scan the barcode %LP%NEW to output a new license plate, if needed.
  1. Record output as normal.

When the output screen is open on the last operation and the user has scanned a license plate, the license plate is displayed in the output screen. Output on the last operation (produces inventory) in the output journal automatically fills the SFI License Plate No. field. Depending on the configuration settings, the license plate updates at this point or when the journal line is posted. Only the last operation in a production order produces inventory.

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