Enhanced Plan Vendor Summary

Enhanced Plan Vendor Summary

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The Enhanced Plan Vendor Summary page is mainly for distribution centers with a team of purchasers dealing with different groups of vendors and different groups of purchases (e.g., item categories). The summary shows you a list of vendors, what you are planning on purchasing from those vendors, and the associated costs. This allows for more vendor-centric planning than item-centric planning and allows you to track vendor-associated costs relevant to you.

  1. Navigate to the Enhanced Plan Vendor Summary page in Business Central.
  1. Select Manage My Vendors (the user can define a vendor list on the My Vendors page that opens).
  2. Input or select information, on the Enhanced Plan Vendor Summary page, in the following Quick Filter page part fields (as needed):
    • Location Filter: a blank value implies all locations in the company.
    • Locations to Show: if set to With Demand, a summary line is displayed when both Pending Lines and Approved Lines are greater than zero; this has no influence on the Sales Demand Lines column.
    • Planning Batch Name
    • Vendors to Show:
      • Planned Vendors: results in a summary line displaying for any vendor appearing on a planning line (subject to the other filter field values).
      • My Vendors: adds the condition that the vendor must be included in the user’s vendor list as defined on the My Vendors page.
    • Item Filter
    • Item Category Filter
  3. Select Vendor Prepaids.
  4. Select the required vendor summary line and select Planning Worksheet (can view the purchase planning lines, pending and approved, for the vendor).

On the Vendor Planning Prepaids page, the user can define minimum monetary amounts and weights for qualifying for prepaid freight with a particular vendor. The Total approved cost (Total Approved Weight), Min. Prepaid Value (Min. Prepaid Weight), and Amount to Prepaid (Weight to Prepaid) columns on the summary lines enable tracking of how close total planned purchases are to reaching the defined monetary (weight) minimums (e.g., If your minimum prepaid for the vendor is not met, you may want to wait before purchasing product from the vendor).

The Enhanced Planning Worksheet page contains a Vendor Planning Summary FactBox that shows the same information (for the location on the selected planning line) as the vendor summary line.

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