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Shipments that are rate shopped and labeled outside of Dynamic Ship can still have their data recorded in the Package Worksheet. For Dynamic Ship:

From the Configuration Packages page, importing the applicable package will:

  • Add the External Rate Entry to the Freight Integration Providers page with API key = externalcarrier.
  • Add a default EXTERNAL carrier to use. This carrier will always be shown for selection.
  • Add an EXTERNAL service for the default carrier. This carrier will always be shown for selection.

Other Carriers can be added to the Dynamic Ship Carrier list; however, they require unique account IDs with one ID being externalcarrier.

When executing Get Label on the package worksheet and you select an external carrier, the rate selection page opens and displays:

  • Shipping Agent Code
  • Shipping Agent Service Code
  • Freight Cost
  • Delivery Days
  • Package Tracking Number
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