Set up Epson TM-T88 Printers for Receipt Printing for Counter Sales

Set up Epson TM-T88 Printers for Receipt Printing for Counter Sales

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Configure a page size for the printer

  1. Download and open the TM-T88V Software & Documents Disc installer.
  2. Select Custom Installation and select:
    • Advanced Printer Driver
    • TM T88V Utility
  3. Select Next (follow any additional necessary steps to install).
  4. Navigate to Printers & scanners, select the EPSON TM-T88V, and select Manage.
  5. Select Printing preferences / Advanced…
  6. Select User Defined Paper.
  7. Input the Width and Height under Paper Size (dependent on the available paper).
  8. Set Margin fields to “0”.
  9. Input Paper Name (e.g., “EPSON T88V”).
  10. Select Register.
  11. Reopen Printing preferences / Layout / Advanced.
  12. Select the paper size previously created and select OK.

Apply the page size to the report template

  1. Open the report template (.docx) and select Layout / Size.
  2. Select the paper size created in Create a page size for the printer above.
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Select Layout / Margins / Custom Margins.
  5. Define the margins and orientation:
    • Top: 0.04”
    • Bottom: 0.04”
    • Left: 0.15”
    • Right: 0.3”
    • Gutter: 0”
    • Gutter Position: Left
    • Orientation: Portrait
    • Multiple Pages: Normal
    • Apply to: Whole document
  6. Select the Layout tab.
  7. Change Section start to “Continuous”.
  8. Select OK and save the changes.
  9. Deploy the layout and test print a page.
  10. Adjust the document margins if needed.

Configure cash drawer opening

  1. Locate the printer in Printers & scanners (Windows settings).
  2. Select the printer and select Manage.
  3. Select Printing preferences.
  4. Select the Peripherals tab and set the following:
    • Peripherals: Cash Drawer
    • Cash Drawer #1 (2 pins): Open
  5. Select OK.
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