Bill Shipping Fees to a Customer’s Account

Bill Shipping Fees to a Customer’s Account

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There are three ways a customer’s shipping account can be billed:

  • On an order-to-order basis
  • Automatically via the Customer Options and Package Options Template
  • Programmatically

Bill on an order-to-order basis

  1. Open an order in the Package Worksheet.
  2. Start packing the order.
  3. Select Process and select Package Options.
  4. Open Package Options for the first package (numerically) in the order.
  5. Scroll to the Additional tab. There’s a grouping for Alternate Billing.
  6. Choose Payment Type from the dropdown list and enter the following:
    • Payment Account No.
    • Payment Zip: Zip/Postal Code of the Billing Account.
    • Payment State/Province
    • Payment Country: two-digit ISO code (e.g., United States = US, Canada = CA). Exact requirements differ by carrier; however, completing all fields does not hinder the third-party billing.

Bill Automatically via the Customer Options and a Package Options Template

  1. Search for Dynamic Ship Package Options.
  2. Select New from the ribbon.
  3. Enter a Template Code and Description that is identifiable for the customer it applies to.
  4. In the Additional tab, there’s a grouping for Alternate Billing.
  5. Choose Payment Type from the dropdown and enter the Payment Account No. Enter the Payment Zip, this is the Zip/Postal Code of the Billing Account. Enter the Payment State/Province and the Payment Country, this is a two-digit ISO code, for example United States = US, Canada = CA.
  6. Search for Dynamic Ship Customer Options.
  7. Select New from the ribbon.
  8. Select the Customer No. for the package option, Package Options Template Code, and select the Package Option Template from the dropdown.

When you create a new package in the Package Worksheet, options are automatically applied.

Bill Programmatically

If these details are already stored elsewhere in Business Central and you do not wish to transition the data to our tables, the process can be automated with code.

Automating with code requires using Dynamic Ship’s Package Options or Post Build Package Options extension events, or the Business Central event onAfterInsertEvent for the table DSHIP Package Options (23044608).

For more information, ask your partner or read Extending Dynamic Ship.

When you make a label request with third party, the carriers indicate this on the first label:

3rd party billing is not to be confused with FedEx Ground Collect, which does not use an account number and is not available on any other carriers or services.

UPS Consignee does not use a bill to receiver account, so it is not supported.

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  1. Bob Dzimbowski
    Bob Dzimbowski August 31, 2020 at 6:37 am

    Screens look different for DShip 2.5. Fields named differently and has extra fields. Please elaborate how to setup in DShip 2.5

    • Brian Neufeld September 16, 2020 at 2:46 pm

      @Bob, the above article has been edited and updated to reflect the latest version of Dynamic Ship.

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