IW Common: Barcode generating with CU-Temp Blob

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As of Business Central 17.5, the Temp Blob table no longer exists. Any barcode generation that leverages the IWorks Common application library should switch that capturing variable to the Codeunit Temp Blob.

Sample code for generating barcodes with IWX Common v2.4 using Codeunit Temp Blob:

report 50000 “Label – Custom”
    // version IWX 2.4
    // ************************
    // Copyright Notice
    // This objects content is copyright of Insight Works 2011.  All rights reserved.
    // Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited.
    // ************************
        dataitem(diLicensePlate; “IWX LP Header”)
            column(diLicensePlate_No_; “No.”)
            column(diLicensePlateBarcode; trecBarcode.Picture)
            trigger OnAfterGetRecord();
                lcuBarcodeManagement: Codeunit “IWX Barcode Generation”;
                lisInStream: InStream;
                losOutStream: OutStream;
                //create barcode
                    StrSubstNo(‘%LP%%1’, “No.”),
                CopyStream(losOutStream, lisInStream);
    trigger OnInitReport()
        //set barcode variables
        iBarcodeDotSize := 2;
        iBarcodeMarginSize := 0;
        iBarcodeImageSize := 0;
        trecBarcode: Record “Company Information” temporary;
        cuTempBlob: Codeunit “Temp Blob”;
        acodItemNo: array[12] of Text;
        adQuantity: array[12] of Decimal;
        iCount: Integer;
        iBarcodeDotSize: Integer;
        iBarcodeMarginSize: Integer;
        iBarcodeImageSize: Integer;
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