Release Notes: Order Ship Express

Release Notes: Order Ship Express

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The following release notes contain updates made to Order Ship Express. Listed below are the versions and their new features, improvements, and fixes. Please refer to the following information pertaining to your version of Order Ship Express. Upgrade to the current version of the application to access new features, improvements, and fixes.

For any questions, please contact Support.

Order Ship Express 1.1

Release Date: April 2023

Compatible With:

  • Business Central SaaS (current version only)
  • Insight Works Common 2.7 and higher

Licensing Requirements:

Full User, Essential

New Features

New Feature Description
Remove US country limitation Order Ship Express can now be installed in any Business Central-supported country.
Removed USPS and UPSDAP carrier limitation You can now import any three EasyPost supported carriers through the Wizard.
Added Support for Carrier Billing In the shipping options, you can now determine payment to be something other than sender (e.g., third party). Not all carriers support all methods. Consult EasyPost for supported methods.

Improvements and Fixes

Improvement or Fix Description
Missing tracking information Resolved an issue where tracking information would not be updated if the freight price was zero.
Altered how rate discounts are configured In the Order Ship Express Setup under Freight Billing, there is a configuration table configured for each imported carrier.
Prevent Incorrect Sales Shipment Header No. From Being Stored This change prevents the wrong number from being recorded if different Sales Header document types use a number series with the same format.
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