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Troubleshooting: Data is missing

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You are not seeing all, or any, of your expected data (such as production order routing lines) and:

  • You know you have an enabled data source for production order routing lines.
  • You know that you do have data that aligns with the date range you are seeing visually.
  • You know that you have no filters excluding the expected data

Potential Cause

In some cases if your Business Central region is in a different format than what the date format that your browser is showing then items might not display. The most common scenario will be that your browser is configured to English (United States), however your region in Business Central could be different.

How to Fix

Make your Business Central regional date settings match the same thing that your browser expects. The easiest way is changing the Business Central region. For example, if your browser is running in English (United States), then:

  • Navigate to your Business Central “My Settings”
  • Change “Region” to “English (United States)” to match your browser setting.

Other Things to Try

If matching the region of your browser and Business Central does not work as expected and you are still not seeing your data:

  • Make sure the date range that you are showing you has a data source.
  • Make sure the data source is enabled.
  • Make sure the data source does not have filters that would exclude the data.
  • Make sure that your dates you are currently looking at are in the same date range as your data.
  • Make sure that the view does not filter out the work and machine centers for that same data.
  • Make sure that you have permission to read the data in Business Central.

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