Clock In Early to Midnight Shift using Shop Floor Insight

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When a work shift starts at midnight, special consideration needs to be made for employees that that clock into Shop Floor Insight early because that time falls on a different date.
The shift day is checked before the clock in early/late time. When crossing midnight, the rounding rule needs to be applied as a late rule for the previous day instead of an early rule:
Rounding Rule Configuration
In this case we want the extra late rule to take precedence so the run order is set lower than the other rule.
If cumulative rounding is used, the run order of the rules do not matter.
The condition duration will define how long after the shift start time the new rule will take effect. In this example, 20 hours late would be 4 hours early for the next day.
This also means that in case they login early on the first day of the work week, there will need to be an entry for the last day of the work week with zero attendance time:
Shop Floor Shift Pattern Details
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