Create and Print Return Labels in Dynamic Ship

Create and Print Return Labels in Dynamic Ship

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The following article describes how to create a return label for one shipment only and how to generate a return label with every order.

Create a Return Label

You can issue a Return Label from the License Plate of the original shipment. Go to the License Plate list, and search by the Source Document to find the License Plate.

  1. Navigate to Insight Works License Plates in Business Central.
  2. Use the Original Sales Order Number the order was shipped on in the Source No. (you can filter or use the Sales Shipment number in the Shipment No. field).
  3. Locate the corresponding License Plate Number in the No. column.
  4. Open the Source Document and select Actions / Functions / Other / Get Return Label.

Set Default Return Label

You can set a default return label for a carrier and carrier service in Dynamic Ship Setup under the Return Label. Return Label Service determines the return label service configuration and allows you to set a default Shipping Agent Code and Shipping Agent Service Code or to set as the same service as the outbound label. You can set it to choose a service each time a return label is requested in Shipment Options (accessed with the Pack Command ‐‐SHIPOPTION (‐‐SO) in the Package Worksheet). You can set Shipment Options on a customer-by-customer basis in Customer Options.

For more information, see Configure Customer Options.

Print a Return Label

Return labels can be printed together with the carrier label when Generate Return Label equals “Yes” in the Shipment Options on the Dynamic Ship Package Worksheet.

To get a user prompt to print the return label along with a carrier label, open the Dynamic Ship Setup page and change the Carrier Label Print Behavior to Automatic with Prompt.

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  1. Jun Wang
    Jun Wang March 23, 2024 at 6:38 am

    what is the process after creating a return label? I don’t find a sales credit memo created with it. How to link those 2?

    • Travis Plett
      Travis Plett March 25, 2024 at 7:50 am

      There is no additional process for a return label. These are mostly used at the time of printing the original label so that a return label is automatically included inside each box in case it needs to be returned. After the shipment is posted, printing a return label locally is not of much use, so you would probably print it to a PDF and email that out manually. Any processing of a sales return order or sales credit memo would be done in base Business Central.
      If you want to make a return label based on a sales return order, email to request an estimate.

  2. Anna Keehbauch
    Anna Keehbauch July 25, 2023 at 5:54 am

    Where is the return label tracking number recorded in Business Central?

    • Brett MacDonell September 6, 2023 at 8:57 am

      Hi Anna,

      Due to a return label being an external shipment, there is no tracking field available in Business Central. If you would like that type of field to be added to the License Plate, please send in a support request to

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