How to Add Predefined Packages for Carriers

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The Dynamic Ship Carrier List can be configured for optional predefined packages for a carrier. When shipping using Dynamic Ship, License Plate Templates must be linked to the predefined packages for the assigned rates to be used.

  1. Click the icon and input Dynamic Ship Carrier List.
  2. Select Dynamic Ship Carriers under Go to Pages and Tasks (opens).
  3. Highlight the carrier row (e.g., select the row for Fedex).
  4. Select Carrier and select Predefined Packages (opens).
  5. Select +New (opens).
  6. Input the Predefined Package as defined by EasyPost.
  7. Complete one of the following (required):
    1. Input the associated License Plate Template Code.
    2. Input the Shipping Agent Service Code to limit the package to specific services.
Note: The order must have at least the Shipping Agent Service Code selected before rate shopping as predefined packages are set by the carrier.
Note: Predefined Packages are a billing function, not a service. Most carriers do not allow testing of billing functions. Their test server is only for testing the label creation process and are not tied to billing. Carriers may not recognize alternate rates in test. To test these settings, you need to switch the production EasyPost API key in Dynamic Ship Freight Integration Providers. Once labels have been generated, the order can be canceled in Dynamic Ship or on the EasyPost website. Make sure to switch the API key back to the test API key when finished to prevent production orders created by mistake.
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