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Configurator Options

Configurator Options allow you to set up the various options for the configurable item (e.g., If configuring a computer, your options could include hard drive, memory, display, etc.).

Configurator Option Subform

The Configurator Option Subform page shows the options for the configured BOM.

Configurator Options Table

The following table contains a list of all options for the individual item categories defined in the Configurator Item Category table.

Option Description
Bulk Edit Visibility Indicates how this option is shown in the Bulk Configuration Builder page.
Options are:

  • Hide: option is hidden in bulk editor
  • Show Choice: only the choice can be selected
  • Show Quantity: only the quantity can be entered
  • Show All: both choice code and quantity are shown and can be edited
Code Short name for this option for management purposes. This will not be displayed in the Configurator BOM Designer page.
Description Description of the option. This will show up in the Configurator BOM Designer page.
Display Order The default sort order for the options in the Configurator BOM Designer page.
Help Text Additional help text that is displayed in the Configurator pages.
Hidden in Configurator When true, this option is not displayed in the Configurator BOM Designer page. The purpose of a hidden option is to include base, non-configurable components in the BOM.
Item Category Code Link to the item category code this option is for.
Mandatory If true, this will require the user to specify a choice for this option. The option will be highlighted in bold in the Configurator BOM Designer page.

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