How to automatically round time card line entries

How to automatically round time card line entries

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There is a new feature in version 7.5 of the Shop Floor Insight extension which replaces the “Round Time as Time is entered” setting in previous versions. This new feature is called the “Shop Floor Line Rounding Rules” list.  

With this new feature, rounding rules can be created to set the “Start Time”, “Stop Time”, “Run Time” and “Setup Time” fields of individual time card lines.

Scenario 1:  A group of employees all have the same work shift of 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. The company wishes that all “Run Time”, “Setup Time”, “Start time” and “Stop time” fields from the time card lines automatically round to the nearest increment of 15 minutes for these employees.  

This can be done by creating 4 rounding rules specific to the shift pattern; one for each field that will be rounded.  

Search for “Shop Floor Line Rounding Rules”.

  • Click on New
  • Select the proper Shift Pattern
  • Select the Type of “Run Time
  • Select the Round Time Configuration of “Nearest Value
  • In the Round to Nearest field, enter “15 minutes
  • Enter something descriptive in the comment field

**Now the same steps above need to be repeated but for the “Setup Time, “Start time” and “Stop time” entries**

Shop Floor Line Rounding Rules - 1

Here would be the results of the four rounding rules for any employee that has the shift pattern “MF9TO6”:


As the example above demonstrates, the “Run Time” and “Setup Time” will round to the nearest 15 minutes. These rules apply to all operations scanned for every employee that has these rounding rules in place.

Likewise, the “Entry Creation Time” and “Entry Clock Off Time” would also round to the nearest 15 minutes.

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