NavXtender Web Service Troubleshooting

NavXtender Web Service Troubleshooting

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This error message is an authorization type error with the web service. This means that something is incorrectly configured, or you do not have permissions.

Note that only Windows Authentication is supported at this time, Database Server Authentication will not work.

If you are unsure what authentication method you are using, this can be found in the development environment when you open the database:

If you are using Windows Authentication, try entering the web service link in a browser, you should see an XML output like this:

If the web service is not accessible in the browser:

  1. Are soap service for NAV enabled? NAV Administration Console, ensure ‘Enable SOAP Services‘ is checked.
  2. Is the URL correct?
  3. Did you import the NavXtender Codeunit? In the NAV Development Environment > File > Import : import the codeunit for NavXtender your version of NAV (eg: NavXtender2013R2_PLUS).
  4. Did you run the NavXtender Codeunit after importing? Select the: NavXtenderAddLink [Codeunit 50011] and hit Run or CTRL+R
  5. Is the web service published? In NAV go to Web Services and ensure NavXtender Codeunit is in the list and published is checked.

Did the browser prompt for credentials to connect? Ensure the user connecting has a valid user in NAV with the same user running NavXtender for the Windows Authentication. If connecting from NavXtender (via the test button) returns a 401, see: NavXtender Web Service Authentication 401

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