6. Inventory Counts with WHI

6. Inventory Counts with WHI

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The Warehouse Insight Module is an Insight Works product that allows you to perform inventory counts using handheld devices. The biggest change when using the Warehouse Insight is that no printed inventory count sheets are required, though they could be used.

Full Inventory Counts

The primary differences when doing a full count with the Warehouse Insight are:

  • The count sheet configuration entries generally match the number of handhelds you’re using.
  • It’s best not to generate any count sheet lines. In other words, the count sheets will be defined, but they’ll all be blank.

The process for doing the count is to send the users out with the handhelds and have them count everything in their designated area. As they scan items, the lines will be added to the count sheets.

When they are finished counting, the inventory count is process exactly the same was as if predefined count sheets had been generated and manually updated.

Cycle Counts

Other than optionally not providing a printed copy of the count sheet, there are no differences when performing a cycle count with Warehouse Insight.

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