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The Mx Item Card extends Item Card FastTab controls how the secondary constraints defined for this item behave. These constraints apply when this item exists as a production order component on a production order or when it is defined as work center, machine center, or machine alternate constraint. You can control whether the constraint is tracked or ignored and if insufficient quantities of this item constrain production or if inventories are allowed to go negative. There are several advanced properties available defined in the table below.

Mx Item Card extends Item Card Tooltips

Field/Control Name Caption ToolTip
IWX Mx Production Cell No. Production Cell No. Specifies the production cell this item must be considered a part of for scheduling.
IWX Mx Shift Code Shift Code Specifies the shift code to identify the availability pattern of this resource. Used for labor/operators.
IWX Mx Constraint Tracking Constraint Tracking Specifies if the item should be constraint the schedule or just be tracked or ignored. Tracked items are allowed to go negative.
IWX Mx Fence Type Fence Type Specifies if the item should use the global fence or the item’s lead time. An item with critical constraint tracking cannot fall below zero from the base datetime of the schedule plus the fence value.
IWX Mx Tolerance Tolerance Specifies the percent allowance on the requirement quantity against the available quantity. Use 0 if the exact requirement value must be used.
IWX Mx Reserve Reserve Specifies if the item should be reserved from now to start of the operation that requires it. Set to never almost always.
IWX Mx Consumption Type Consumption Type Specifies if the item can be consumed in fractional quantities (e.g., 0.1) or must be consumed in whole numbers.
IWX Mx Minimum Level Minimum Level Specifies the minimum level of this item. The system cannot consume below this level.
IWX Mx Maximum Level Maximum Level Specifies the maximum level of this item. The system cannot replenish above this level.
IWX Mx Use Min. and Max Use Min. and Max Specifies if the minimum and maximum levels should be used or ignored.
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