How to Generate a Shipment Manifest

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You can generate a shipment manifest from within Dynamic Ship per carrier per day. You can use this manifest to verify the packages that are set to leave your warehouse.


  • Set up users in Warehouse Employees with warehouse (location) access.
  • Set up users in Insight Works Users to Manage License Plates.

Create a Shipment Manifest

To create a shipment manifest, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Dynamic Ship Shipment Manifest List.
  2. Create a new manifest.
  3. Set the Location Code as all shipments must have the same ship from address.
  4. Set the Shipping Agent Code.
  5. Use the Get Shipment Documents action (opens list of license plates that match the location and shipping agent criteria).
  6. Select license plates that you want to manifest.
  7. Release the manifest (if you receive an error, see below).
  8. Select Print Manifest Report (opens a PDF of the manifest).

One Scan USPS Manifests

The driver can use a USPS Manifest to receive multiple shipments at once and may even be mandated by the USPS driver. You must first enable this aspect of the integration.

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Ship Carriers.
  2. Find the entry for USPS.
  3. Set Manifest Report Handling to Carrier to use the API functionality for manifests.
  4. Follow the Create a Shipment Manifest steps above to create the manifest for USPS.

Known potential errors:

  • Unable to create manifest. 1 of the specified shipments were not found: shp_xyz123

USPS manifests all shipments at 17:00 PST. Shipments after 17:00 PST cannot be manifested by the system. You must remove them from the manifest to continue. Do not rely on the auto manifesting as you cannot retrieve the corresponding manifests. You can attempt to avoid this by selecting only shipments from the current day, not previous ones.

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