Clone Warehouse Insight Service for Business Central On Prem

Clone Warehouse Insight Service for Business Central On Prem

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Warehouse Insight services are configured for each instance of Business Central, and so when additional services are required for Dev/Test/Production they can be set up as shown below:

*Note* This is not required for additional companies on the same database, the company can be configured as part of the device configuration.

Here are the steps to clone the Warehouse Insight service:

Copy the whole WMDM folder to a new folder in “C:\inetpub\Insight Works” (ie. WMDMTest).

Edit “C:\inetpub\Insight Works\WMDMTest\Web.config” in Notepad to change all instances of the port and web service URL.

Open IIS and convert the new folder to an application:

IIS Manager

Open the “Advanced Settings” for the new site and change the application pool to the WMDM pool.

See section 4 to update the handheld to the new Warehouse Insight settings:

Business Central SaaS does not require IIS, so switching companies can be done by following section C of the handheld configuration:

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