Reconciling the Count in Inventory Count Module

Reconciling the Count in Inventory Count Module

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Creating a Master Count Sheet can provides a baseline to compare the count against.

  • Normally used for non-directed counts
  • Useful for directed counts as well.

Master sheet contains a list of all items in the system with a Quantity on Hand. It helps to identify any items not counted.

  • The ”Uncounted Parts” report can be used as well.

There are a couple of different ways  to reconcile the counts

Line level differences on a per line level . It gives you the differences in the “Quantity” and “Amount.

  • The Expected Quantity value depends on the line’s item/bin configuration. It will Be:
    • Bin Quantity for bin-mandatory locations
    • Lot/serial number quantity for tracked items with bins “off”
    • Lot/serial quantity in the specific bin if item tracking is “warehouse” enabled
    • On-hand quantity if none of the above

Analyzing total differences on a count can be handled with two options.

  • Count Difference report
  • Count Difference Summary page

Both report the total differences per item and per lot/serial number.

Count Difference Summary is exportable to Excel.

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