Configuring the Software

Configuring the Software

After all the previous sections have been completed, you can now run the Warehouse Insight application on the handheld. The connection steps are straightforward and come down to the following main actions:

  1. Create a Device Configuration Entry in Business Central.
  2. Set the connection details for the application.

Creating a Device Configuration Code

Each handheld needs to reference a Device Configuration entry in Business Central. You may have one configuration for all devices or individual configuration for each device. The configuration controls much of the behaviors and features of the product. To create an initial configuration, complete the following:

  1. Open the Device Configuration List (Departments > Warehouse Mobile > Administration > Device Configurations).
  2. Press New.
  3. Enter TEST as a Code.
  4. Select your Location Code.
  5. Press OK.

Setting the Connection Details

Once you have a Device Configuration code, you can launch the Warehouse Insight application and specify the required connection details. To initially launch the Warehouse Insight and test the connection, complete the following:

Android Devices

When the application is first launched, the Welcome screen opens.

  1. Press Manual Configuration.
  2. Input information into the following fields:
    1. Configuration Code: Set to Test or what was created in the Creating a Device Configuration Code section.
    2. Web Service: Set to the URL created in the Warehouse Insight Barcode Objects section (if defaults were accepted, should be similar to http://yourservername:8081/WHI/EventManager.asmx)
    3. Company Name: Set to the name of your Business Central company. Case sensitive.
  3. Press Menu and select Logins.
  4. Click Yes to save changes.

Windows Devices

Launch the application on the handheld (Programs > WHI).

  1. Input connection details in the Configuration dialog (or press Manual Configuration):
    1. PDA Code: TEST (or code was created in the Configure the WIFI section)
    2. Web Service: URL created in the Warehouse Insight Barcode Objects section (if the defaults were accepted, should be similar to: http://yourservername:8081/WHI/EventManager.asmx)
    3. Nav Company: required company name (case sensitive)
  2. Press Close.
  3. Press Yes to save changes.
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