Segment Codes

Segment Codes

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The MxAPS Segment Codes page allows you to configure the available segment codes. Segments (e.g., Setup and Run) are considered the smallest individual steps in the processing of an operation. They represent the required tasks on a machine center to successfully complete an operation.

If you add new segment codes and want to use them in place of the default Setup or Run, change the values in Setup Segment Code or Run Segment Code on the MxAPS setup page. You must also change the Filter statement in the styles section of the Graphical Scheduler configuration for existing Graphical Scheduler views.

Segment Codes Tooltips

Field/Control Name FastTab or FactBox Caption Tooltip
Code   Code Specifies a segment code for a standard production process.
Description   Description Specifies the description of the segment code.
Processing Order   Processing Order Specifies the processing order for this segment. Lower numbered segments are scheduled first.
Segment Rate Unit of Measure   Segment Rate Unit of Measure Specifies the unit of time for segments of this type.
Factor   Factor Specifies the factor associated with the specified time unit. A fixed factor schedules only the duration listed on the production order routing line. A variable factor is time per unit produced and duration scheduled depends on the quantity being produced.
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