Payment Types for Alternate Billing

Payment Types for Alternate Billing

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To bill shipping fees to a customer, complete the Alternate Billing fields within a new Package Option Template. Once created, you can associate a Package Option Template with the customer on the Customer Options page and all shipping fees are automatically billed to the customer.

For more information, see Configure Customer Options and Package Options.

Package Option Template

Package Option Templates allow you to store information related to individual packages. Package Options can be created from the Sales Order, Customer Options, or Package Worksheet. The General and Additional FastTabs are subheadings in Package Options. You can find an overview of both below the subheadings related to billing shipping fees to a customer’s account; however, you can find many more options within.

General FastTab

Use Alternate Billing when you need to bill shipping fees to a customer’s account. In a new Package Option template, input a Template Code (10-character limit) that is meaningful to the customer. We recommend inputting a Customer Name or a Customer Number, depending on what is more recognizable for the customer. Input any additional information into the Description field.

For more information, see Package Options, Include Extra Text on Shipping Label, and Label Placeholders – Package Options.

Additional FastTab (Payment Types)

You can enter payment information under the Alternate Billing subheading.

The table below contains payment types, the intended use of each payment type, and the recommended default payment type. If you are not sure which payment to use when billing on a customer’s account, use Third Party.

Payment Type Description
None Prepaid on your account.
Sender Prepaid on your account (use this setting for situations such as Duties & Taxes on International orders when you choose the incoterm DDP).
Third Party Different carriers require differing information, and we recommend populating all fields to avoid issues.

When you obtain the client account number for the carrier, ask if it is a Third Party or Receiver account.

If the client informs you they are receiving Third Party charges, switch to Receiver.

Receiver Receiver account pays.

When you have the client account number for the carrier, you must populate all the information. If you receive an error, switch it to Third Party (may indicate the client account is not set up for Receiver).

Collect Client has notified FedEx that the client can ship on their account Ground Collect only. You must define both the Shipping Agent and Service as FedEx and Ground. All conditions are required.
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