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Note: The carrier Loomis has additional requirements to label packages for shipping.

After setting up carrier Loomis on EasyPost, you need to be able to create a Loomis label (without using NAV or Business Central). Loomis requires the label date and the currency to be set on all shipment requests.

When packing an order in the Package Worksheet, complete the following:

  1. Scan –PACKOPTION for each box as it is being packed.
  2. Set the currency to CAD.
  3. Set the label date to the current date (or a valid future date).
  4. Personalize this page to see the fields if they are hidden by default.
Note: Loomis does not rate shop. The sales order or warehouse shipment being packed must specify both the carrier and service before packing, and Freight Auto Selection must be set to Single in Dynamic Ship Setup.
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