FedEx Commercial Invoice Requires Electronic Letterhead

FedEx Commercial Invoice Requires Electronic Letterhead

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FedEx requires an electronic letterhead to accompany electronic commercial invoices on shipments to select countries. FedEx lists out the countries and their requirements here.

When shipping to a country that requires letterhead, the following message appears when you try to get a label on the Package Worksheet: FedEx returned error: The COMMERCIAL_INVOICE requires an electronic LETTER_HEAD.

Shipments to countries that do not require electronic letterhead are processed normally.

To upload, you will need to email and provide the letterhead, signature images, and your EasyPost FedEx carrier account (ca_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). When you send the images (up to five permitted), mark which image you want in each slot by using the following format:

  • IMAGE_1 – (filename) – letterhead
  • IMAGE_2 – (filename) – signature

Starting in Dynamic Ship 2.5, you can include the letterhead and signature image files in the package options. You will need to personalize the Package Option page to the see the Commercial Invoice Letterhead and Signature lines to activate them (must be uppercase) as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice Letterhead = IMAGE_1
  • Commercial Invoice Signature = IMAGE_2
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