Known Issues: Business Central update to 17.5

Known Issues: Business Central update to 17.5

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Barcode Generator Known issue on Business Central update to 17.5

If you are receiving the following error: Function ID -1621499682 was called. The object with ID 0 does not have a number with that ID


“IWX Library – Barcode Gen”(CodeUnit 23044800).Generate39Barcode – Barcode Generator by Insight Works

Ensure you have the latest version of Barcode Generator, v1.3.7723.3 at the time of this notice. Make sure any extension that is dependent on Barcode Generator is rebuilt. To do this please remove all .app files from the .alpackage folder in your source project, then download the symbols, and rebuild.

Cause: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is removing the “Temp Blob” Table. The previous version of Barcode Generator had marked all procedures obsolete using “Temp Blob” records to pass barcode images, and as of v1.3.7723.3, they no longer exist. Any extension that is also using a Barcode Generator procedure with “Temp Blob” records as a parameter requires changing to our internal table “IWX Barcode”.

IWX Barcode example:

Please take a look at our updated documentation if you need any further assistance.

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  1. Drew Kipfer
    Drew Kipfer March 30, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    The data matrix barcodes on our documents seem to be a little fuzzy after we switched to GenerateMatrixBarcode(). Is this a known issue, or do we have something setup incorrectly?

    • Natasha Winter
      Natasha Winter March 31, 2021 at 7:46 am

      The probable reason for this blur is the multiplier is too low along with stretching the image in your report. Multiplier is a new parameter for controlling the resolution with a minimum value of 8 and a typical barcode would use value range between 8..24

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