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The following release notes contain updates made to Dynamic Ship. Listed below are the versions and their new features, improvements, and fixes. Please refer to the following information pertaining to your version of Dynamic Ship. Upgrade to the current version of the application to access new features, improvements, and fixes.

For any questions, please contact Support.

Dynamic Ship Version 2.6.8

Release Date: January 2022

Compatible With:

  • Business Central 20 and earlier
  • Insight Works Common 2.6

Licensing Requirements:

Full User, Essential

New Features

New Feature Description
Customer Options Logging Retrieval Added the ability to turn on logging of Customer Options retrieval via Extended Custom Configuration LogCustomerOptions set to yes. Used to troubleshoot issues only (logging can increase overhead). Access via Customer Options Navigation Pane.

Improvements and Fixes

Improvement or Fix Description
Order Options Improved the Order Options to check status when loading an order or changing the carrier in the package worksheet.
Package/Shipment Options Card Added action to order options to open the Package/Shipment Options card.
Email Functionality Compatibility Ensured email functionality would stay compatible with BC 20 by switching to the new Email Accounts feature.
Emails Improved emails by adding a Dynamic Ship specific scenario.
Address Validation Improved address validation to not ask to update the address’s source when a source type record is being updated.
Show Comments Ensure that Show Comments on the order packaging page open the comments, not the order.
Shipping Agent FactBox Resolved the shipping agent FactBox not always updating correctly.
Return Address Resolved an issue where the return address for an order may not be set correctly if the order has already been labelled before.
Shipment/Invoice Document Printing Resolved nonprinting issue where certain number series would cause the shipment or invoice document to not print when posting a warehouse shipment.
Generate Return Labels Resolved an issue where return labels could not be generated from posted orders.
Assembly Components Handling Improved the handling of assembly components and customs with certain customs value source configurations.
Freight Line Posting Handling Improved handling of the freight line posting when the sales order uses prepayment.
BOL Report Improved the BOL report to better handle cases of unsupported documents.
Refund Failure Handling Improved the handling of refund failure when refunding an order.
Extension Handling Resolved an issue with extension handling when overriding the receiver email.

Dynamic Ship Version 2.6

Release Date: January 2022

Compatible With:

  • Business Central 19.2 and earlier
  • Insight Works Common 2.6

Licensing Requirements:

Full User, Essential

New Features

New Feature Description
Validate Addresses Added the ability to validate order addresses manually or automatically.

See Use Address Validation.

Embed Shipment and Package Options Added embedding of the shipment and package options at the sales order and quote level.
Assign License Plates Support Added support to assign license plates without document assignment to the current order open in the package worksheet.
Scale Support Added scale support via WebHID or PrintNode.

See Configure and Use Scales.

Disable Invoice and Shipment Number Generation Added setup configuration to disable generation of the invoice and shipment number generation during the email process.
Open Multiscan Page Added the ability to open the Multiscan page even if a quantity of one remains.
Previously Scanned Serial Numbers Added the previously scanned serial numbers to the Multiscan page.
Returned Address ID Storage Added storage of the returned address IDs to reduce EasyPost overhead.
Ignore Non-Inventory Item Lines Added a setup configuration to allow ignoring non-inventory item lines for the sales order.

Improvements and Fixes

Improvement or Fix Description
Carrier’s Error Message Retrieval Improved carrier’s error message retrieval.
Setup’s Organization Improved the setup’s organization.
Bill of Lading Report Improved the bill of lading report.
Calculation of Package Weight Setup Improved the calculation of package weight setup groupings granularity.
Freight Quote Embedded Page Parts Improved the freight quote to utilize customer options through the embedded page parts.
Package Worksheet Improved the package worksheet by forcing the field focus on the Scan Entry field.
Item Tracking Handling Improved the item tracking handling when transferring a packed line from one package to another.
Package Options Placeholders Improved the package options placeholders to generate requested data.
Line Loading Improved the line loading to not split item lines with identical tracking and source details.
EasyPost Tracking Handling Improved the EasyPost tracking handling to ensure it is retrieved if there is a sync delay on the EasyPost side.
Freight Quote Predefined Packages Improved the freight quote to utilize predefined packages when the order’s shipping preferences and the template matches.

Dynamic Ship Version 2.5

Release Date: June 2020

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Commercial Invoice Report Added Commercial Invoice report to use when not using electronic trade documents.
Commands Added abbreviated versions of commands. They can be viewed in the Pack Command Report. –help in the Package Worksheet.
Skip Freight Added Skip Freight on Alternate Billing to the Setup to skip freight line addition when alternate billing details are supplied.
Assembly Order Behavior Added Assembly Order Behaviour to the Setup to select packing ATO items or components.
Customs Line Value Source Added Customs Line Value Source to the Setup to determine the item’s cost when declaring customs.
Chain Multiple Commands Added Chain Multiple Commands to the Setup. You can disable it if desired. It allows issuing multiple commands into one (e.g., %lpt%code–pa–gl would create a new license plate based on the template, pack all unpacked lines, and then get the label).
Relabel Added Relabel Allowed to the Setup which can suppress users from generating labels for a second time on the same license plates.
Generate Customs Information Added Generate Customs Information On to the Setup to determine if only international or all orders can generate customs objects.
Customs Default Content Explanation Added Customs Default Content Explanation to the Setup to fill in the content explanation on customs documents automatically.
Create Customs Information Added Create Customs Information Automatically to the Setup to allow automatic generation based on the packed item’s data from within Business Central.
Default Package Options Template Added Default Package Options Template Code to the Setup to allow setting a default template for the package options.
Default Shipment Options Template Added Default Shipment Options Template Code to the Setup to allow setting a default template for the shipment options.
Calculate Package Weight Added Calculate Package Weight to the Setup to automatically calculate the shipment gross weight based on item UOM, gross, or net weight.
Package Options Payment Added Payment to the Package Options. This supersedes the Bill Third/Receiver fields.
Placeholder Capability Added placeholder capability to Invoice No. and Print Custom fields of the Package Options.

See the Label Placeholders – Package Options page for more information.

Carrier Predefined Packages Added Carrier Predefined Packages.
Copy Last Package Added Copy Last Package (–copylastpkg) to duplicate a previous package’s information once by default. Optional numeric suffix. Does not copy serial numbers.
Refund Mechanism Added refund mechanism for EasyPost from the LP Card/List.
Freight Line Handling Improved Freight Line handling to insert earlier in the process to better support for other vendor extensions.
Freight Line: Qty. to Ship Improved Freight Line to validate the Qty. to Ship to resolve compatibility with the Sales Setup.
Freight Prices Navigation Improved navigation to Freight Prices from the Customer.
Freight Quote Improved the Freight Quote weight calculation.
Line Loading Improved the line loading in relation to reservation entries.
Package Worksheet Improved the Package Worksheet not asking to close if no lines are loaded.
Printing Posted Documents Improved printing of posted documents for Warehouse Shipments.
Tracking Number Improved tracking number handling for Warehouse Shipments.
Business Central Support Support Business Central 19.

Dynamic Ship Version 2.4

Release Date: March 2020

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Insight Works Common Support Insight Works Common 2.0.
Error Messaging Improved error messaging when an unpack fails.
Freight Line: Prepaid Orders Improved handling of the freight line with prepaid orders.
Label Handling Improved label handling on multi package shipments.

Dynamic Ship Version 2.3

Release Date: November 2019

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Business Central Support Support Business Central 15.
FedEx Collect Billing Added support for FedEx Collect billing.
Added Actions Added actions to sales and shipping related pages to potentially improve user workflow.
Unpack All Command Improved performance of the unpack all command.
Troubleshooting Error Message Introduced error message to assist with troubleshooting Microsoft Azure network connectivity issues.
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