Add Languages in NavXtender

Add Languages in NavXtender

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NavXtender currently supports English (ENC/ENU), Canadian French (FRC), and Spanish (ESP). For NavXtender to attach record links in additional languages, you (or your NAV Partner/Developer) will have to make changes in the NavXtender Codeunit to add the translations. 

Step 1: Add translation values to NavXtender configuration

  1. Navigate to NavXtender’s installation directory.
  2. Open the NavXtender.exe.config file in a text editor.
  3. Look for the CardPrefixCSV property:

  4. Add a translation for “New”, “Edit”, and “View” in the required language (comma separated, with no spacing between words; e.g, “New,Edit,View”).

Step 2: Add translation values to NavXtender web service codeunit

  1. Open the “NavXtenderAddLink” codeunit in the Object Designer (default object ID is 50011).
  2. Select View and select C/AL Globals.
  3. Go to Text Constants.
  4. Find the text constant for the required page and open Properties (Shift+F4).
  5. Select ConstValueML property and click the Assist Edit button to show the details.
  6.  Add the language code and translation required for the page.
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