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Connect Warehouse Insight Desktop Client to Business Central Cloud

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Warehouse Insight

Windows Client

  • Warehouse Insight extension has been installed.
  • The Warehouse Insight Setup Wizard has been completed.
  • The user logging in to the device has SUPER or IWORKS COMMON + WAREHOUSE INSIGHT permission sets.
  • The windows client has been installed.


  1. Cloud:
    1. Search “Installation Report”.
    2. Choose appropriate Device Configuration and your user.
    3. Click the elipse on the password field to grab your Web Service Access Key.
    4. Click the field once the hit CTRL + C, and exit the user page and paste (CTR + V) the password into it’s respective field. Now click Print or Preview to get your Configuration barcodes.
  2. Onprem:
    1. Search “Device Configuration Report”, and choose your Device Configuration and print/preview (generates a barcode with all three required fields: Configuration Code, Web Service, and Company).
  3. Alternative (Onprem and Cloud): you can find each individual configuration by:
    1. OnPrem: Navigate to Web Services and copy the SOAP URL for Codeunit – 23044500 – WMDM Data Broker.
    2. Cloud: navigate to Web Services and copy the SOAP URL for Codeunit – 23044900 – WHI Data Broker.
    3. Navigate to Warehouse Insight Device Configurations.
    4. Open a Device Configuration card.
    5. Copy the CODE of the desired Location (not LOCATION CODE).
    6. Cloud:
      1. Navigate to the Users page and click on the User Name of the user you want to log into the device with (User Card opens).
      2. Copy the User Name and Web Service Access Key (if there isn’t a Web Service Access Key, click on the (,,,) to create one).
    7. OnPrem: use the User and Password you use to log into Business Central (possibly Windows credentials).
  4. Open the Windows Desktop Client.
  5. If you generated a barcode in steps 1 or 2: Scan the barcode in the Main application screen and then click Options > Reload Config.
  6. If you manually grabbed the configurations via step 3:
    1. Navigate to Options > Configuration.
    2. Enter the CODE copied previously into the Configuration Code field in the System tab.
    3. Enter the SOAP URL copied previously into the Web Service field.
    4. Enter the applicable Business Central company in the NAV Company field (NAME field from Settings > My Settings).
    5. Select Windows Authentication in the Logins tab for the login method (Username is the User Name copied previously and the password is the Web Service Access Key copied previously).
    6. Close and save settings when prompted.
  7. If asked to login: scan Login barcode from step report in step 1 or enter credentials and click Login to connect the desktop client to Business Central.
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