Extension: Tax IDs

Extension: Tax IDs

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The tax IDs for a company and customer are customized values due to the inconsistency of the source for these values. To control where this value is sourced depends on the Dynamic Ship version. Both require some technical knowledge as seen below.

Dynamic Ship version 2.8 and newer

Dynamic Ship supports tax identifiers for the EasyPost integration. You can insert tax identifiers through the Shipment Options or populate them in advance through a template in the Customer Options. For more information, see Tax Identifiers.

Dynamic Ship version 2.6 and newer

Use the native Business Central event subscriber to catch the Dynamic Ship address buffer after it has been set:

Dynamic Ship version 2.5 and older

Use the Dynamic Ship extensibility codeunit to handle the following actions:

  • Action::”Ship From Tax ID”
  • Action::”Ship To Tax ID”

See Extending Dynamic Ship to grab the extensibility codeunit skeleton that contains all available actions and example code to get you started. Once you have published the codeunit to your environment, the codeunit comes into effect after you enter the codeunit’s ID into the Dynamic Ship Setup Page’s Shipment Extension field.

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