Counter Sales Setup Wizard

Counter Sales Setup Wizard

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The Counter Sales Setup Wizard will initialize basic setup to support quick and easy use of the extension. It is highly recommended to complete this step before any other.

You can start the wizard in two ways:

  1. Navigate to the Assisted Setup page and click on “Set up Counter Sales”.
  2. Navigate to the Counter Sales Setup Wizard using the search bar.

Terms and Conditions

To begin, click the “Click to view the license agreement” to access the End User License Agreement. Once it has been read and agreed to, enable the “I agree to the terms and conditions” setting and click the Next button to continue.

Contact Information

Enter the details for the contact person at your organization who will be responsible for managing the Insight Works Counter Sales extension. Once the details are entered click the Next button to continue.

Counter Sales Setup

The Counter Sales Setup Wizard will initialize the default configuration for payment posting and documents however if you choose to use different settings, such as specific document numbers, you can adjust them from this page. Once the settings are confirmed click the Next button to continue.

Payment Methods

To process customer payments in Insight Works Counter Sales you need to set up at least one payment method. To set up a payment method you need to specify both the Bal. Account No. and Counter Sales Payment Type. Optionally, you can specify the Authorization No. Required to require users enter an authorization number when recording the customer payment for the method. Once you are finished with the payment methods click the Next button to continue.

Counter Sales Users

For users to access Insight Works Counter Sales they must be set up in the Counter Sales Users. To set up users choose their User ID and specify their configuration as required. For information on the various configuration options you can point the mouse cursor to the caption for the setting to view its tooltip. Once the users are set up click the Next button to continue.


The final page in the Counter Sales Setup Wizard displays a message confirming the setup process is complete. Click the Finish button to close the wizard.

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