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Dynamic Ship version 2.5 and newer contains a new feature that allows you to use placeholders in the package options. You can put placeholders into the following fields in the package options:

  • Print Custom 1
  • Print Custom 2
  • Print Custom 3
  • Invoice No.

Leave the values blank if they are not relevant to the order.

The table below contains available placeholders (including the square brackets):




License plate number of the current package.


First item in the license plate.


Quantity of [item].


Lot of [item].


Serial of [item].


What the user scans in a pack worksheet, which may include: order number, sales order, transfer order, warehouse shipment number.


Source document number: sales order, transfer order, or underlying document for warehouse shipment.


Invoice No. If the invoice number is not present on the header, it is generated.


Shipment No. If the shipment number is not present on the header, it is generated.


From the [source].


External document number, from the [source].


External document number, from the [order].


Customer No. from the [source].


Customer name, from the [source].


Customer contact name, from the [source].

These package options can be added to:

  • Individual packages on the Package Worksheet (Go to Process > Package Options).
  • Default to all packages for a single customer by adding them to a package option template used in Dynamic Ship Customer Options.
  • Default on all packages by adding them to the Default Package Option Template Code in Dynamic Ship Setup.
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