Label Placeholders – Package Options

Label Placeholders – Package Options

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Dynamic Ship version 2.5 and newer contains a new feature that allows you to use placeholders in the package options. You can put placeholders into the following fields in the package options:

  • Print Custom 1
  • Print Custom 2
  • Print Custom 3
  • Invoice No.

Leave the values blank if they are not relevant to the order.

The table below contains available placeholders (including the square brackets):

Placeholder Description
[contact] Customer contact name, from the [source].
[customer] Customer No. from the [source].
[invoice] Invoice No. If the invoice number is not present on the header, it is generated.
[item] First item in the license plate.
[lot] Lot of [item].
[lp] License plate number of the current package.
[name] Customer name, from the [source].
[order] What the user scans in a pack worksheet, which may include: order number, sales order, transfer order, warehouse shipment number.
[orderext] External document number, from the [order].
[qty] Quantity of [item].
[serial] Serial of [item].
[shipment] Shipment No. If the shipment number is not present on the header, it is generated.
[source] Source document number: sales order, transfer order, or underlying document for warehouse shipment.
[sourceext] External document number, from the [source].
[yourref] From the [source].


These package options can be added to:

  • Individual packages on the Package Worksheet (Go to Process > Package Options).
  • Default to all packages for a single customer by adding them to a package option template used in Dynamic Ship Customer Options.
  • Default on all packages by adding them to the Default Package Option Template Code in Dynamic Ship Setup.
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