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Receiving Automation

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Create a warehouse receipt

Creating a test when a warehouse receipt is created is useful to ensure there is a test already created and ready for a quality inspector. When using lot tracked items, you must have the lots defined before the warehouse receipt is created. If the lot numbers are currently not known, using other options (e.g., when the warehouse receipt has been posted) may be a better choice for automation.

Use When Whse. Receipt is Created under Create Test for Receiving Automation.

When a warehouse receipt is posted

When using Business Central 19 or newer (required), you can configure creating a test when the warehouse receipt is posted. This is ideal when using warehouse documents, as it allows you to configure creating a test only when received to a specific bin. To only create a test when receiving to a specific bin with this setting, use a filter on an assignment to that specific bin.

This setting works with sales returns and purchase orders.

When a purchase order is posted

Use this setting to automatically create a test when a purchase order has been posted.

This option requires Business Central 14 or newer for general items and Business Central 16 or newer if you are using lot/serial tracking.

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