Warehouse Shipment Posting Error

Warehouse Shipment Posting Error

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If you receive a message about license plate locks when posting a warehouse shipment:

  • Ensure the users who are posting the Warehouse Shipments have an entry on the IWX User page with the Manage License Plates permission enabled so the users have the correct access to license plates and their locks.
  • Enable the Allow Gaps In Nos option on the License Plate number series to improve performance and cut down lock time.
  • Archive old license plates to reduce the number of open records on the License Plate table.

If you receive any other error on posting a warehouse shipment in base Business Central, the message is coming from base Business Central and not Dynamic Ship. Once you receive a posting error, exit out of the Package Worksheet and open the warehouse shipment. Attempting to post from there shows you what the problem is and the call stack shows that Dynamic Ship is not involved in the posting message. Once the underlying issue has been dealt with, the posting must be resumed from the warehouse shipment as Dynamic Ship has already posted the license plate and there is nothing left to see there.

There are two stages to the posting process:

  • First Stage: The license plate posts and is moved to a Shipped status. The location is removed as it is no longer in the warehouse. Once this step is complete, the license plate is no longer valid for packing. If it fails on this step, the license plate status does not update.
  • Second Stage: Base Business Central posts the warehouse shipment. Since this is where it failed, the license plate is done and does not post again; it resumes posting from this step the next time you post after you have resolved the error condition.
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