8. Closing Time Cards in Shop Floor Insight

8. Closing Time Cards in Shop Floor Insight

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Time Cars can get closed in a few different ways:

  • When “End Shift” is chosen from the Shop Floor.
  • When a Supervisor in Business Central closes a card with “Close”.
  • Automatically on the workers next shift day, where the system will detect that a new card needs to be created and automatically close the previous days time cards.

When a time card is closed an automatic “Preparation” step is performed on the card itself. The “Prepare” step can also be run manually or is also run when a card is approved. The “Preparation” step has a default set of behaviors defined in a default codeunit configure on Shop Floor Setup. These steps can be customized by using a different preparation codeunit.

The default preparation codeunit will:

  • Clock off the last time card line if it’s not yet clocked off.
  • Add “filler” time, if configured to do so.
  • Automatically adjust for Shift Breaks, if configured to do so.

To close a card from the Shop Floor, while the screen is unlocked choose “End Shift”.

Shop Floor

The system will ask to confirm to end a shift, choose “Yes”.


The system will then close the time card in Business Central and lock the screen for the next employee.

To close a time card in Business Central, navigate to the time card, and choose “Close” from the action menu.

Time Card

Time cards will automatically close as soon as somebody scans in for their next work day, and the ‘hours before close’ setting from Shop Floor Setup has passed. They do not close on a schedule, without the interaction of a person scanning in on their next work day then the previous work day time cards will not close.

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