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User Salespersons

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The Counter Sales User Salesperson functionality tracks multiple counter salespeople using a shared login.

In the Counter Sales Setup page, under the Salesperson group, the following fields specify its usage:

  • Default Salesperson: the default behavior for setting the Salesperson Code on the Counter Sales Order or Counter Sales Return Order. The behavior can be set to one of the following options:
    • User Setup: the document’s default Salesperson Code is set using standard Business Central behavior specified in the User Setup or based on other configurations.
    • Counter Sales User Salesperson: the default Salesperson Code is set based on the User Salesperson currently set for the user session.
    • Counter Sales User Salesperson With Passcode: is the same as the Counter Sales User Salesperson option with the additional requirement for the user to enter a valid passcode to set the User Salesperson.
  • User Salesperson Timeout: the duration of the timeout for the current session before the User Salesperson is required to be set again. When its value is set to zero, it disables the timeout.

Set the User Salespersons

  1. Navigate to the Counter Sales Users
  2. Select User Salespersons in the ribbon to configure the User Salespersons for the selected user.
  3. Set the Counter Sales User Salesperson for the current session by completing one of the following:
    • Select the Set User Salesperson action found in the Counter Sales role centers.
    • Select Click here to change in the user notification to set the current session.

When prompted with the Counter Sales User Salesperson Login page, you must enter or select the Salesperson Code to use, and if applicable, enter the Passcode to set the User Salesperson for the current session.

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