Dynamic Ship Go Live Checklist

Dynamic Ship Go Live Checklist

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Move to Production from a Test Environment

  • Ensure the Production API key and URL are in the Dynamic Ship Freight Integration Provider page for all integrators.
  • Ensure account IDs for the carriers have transferred or that they have been entered on the Dynamic Ship Carriers

Ensure you have tested the following in testing before moving to production:

  • Replace the Test API Key from Freight Integration Providers with the Production API Key and check for errors when you attempt to ship a package (in the test company). Request a refund if required.
  • For international shipments: Test shipping to every country anticipated; see if you encounter any errors. Identify the requirements for each country before Go Live. For some countries, FedEx requires a signature and Letterhead. See FedEx Commercial Invoice Requires Electronic Letterhead for more information on setup.
  • Attempt to ship a large order in a test environment and see if any errors are encountered.
  • Attempt to ship using all carriers to ensure the setups are correct and see if any errors are encountered.

Configure Dynamic Ship:

  • Compare the setup page from UAT to Production and ensure the settings have transferred over or that they are the same.
  • Package Option Template: Ensure the Package Options Templates built in UAT have transferred to Production. If a decision was made to wait to add these in Production before Go Live, ensure all templates are built.
  • Customer Options: Ensure all customers requiring Package Option Templates or Shipment Option Templates are listed and have the corresponding Package/Shipment Option Template(s) applied. Enable Use as Default for each Customer and ensure the correct one is chosen.
  • Freight Price Rules: Ensure there is one standard Freight Price Rule for All Customers. Ensure Freight Price Rules created during UAT are visible.
  • Insight Works Users: Check that users using Dynamic Ship are listed and Manage License Plates.
  • Scale Integration: Ensure the scale is plugged in and recognized in the Scale Setup. See Configure and Use Scales for more information.
  • Printers: Ensure PrintNode Connector is set up and printers are added. Check that the reports are assigned to the correct printers in Report Selection – Insight Works.

Base Business Central:

  • Warehouse Employees: Ensure all employees are listed with corresponding Warehouses and the main warehouse shipments are shipped from is set as the default.
  • Permissions: Ensure all Dynamic Ship users have IWORKS COMMON and DSHIP-USER; administrators require IWORKS COMMON and DSHIP-ADMIN.

Extension Managment:

  • Ensure Insight Works’ products have Allow HttpClient Required turned on.
  • Ensure License Plate Management is installed.
  • Ensure any/all LTL Apps are installed, if required.
  • Check Business Central Admin Centre for any updates.
  • Check Insight Works’ Solution Portal for application updates unavailable on AppSource (Partner Only).
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