Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet

Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet

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The Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet gives the user more control over the interaction between results coming from Azure ML (as configured on the Sales and Inventory Forecast Setup page) and demand forecasts in Business Central. The worksheet also allows for updating planning parameters on the Item card based on user-defined expressions that may involve forecasted quantities.

Enhanced Forecast Setup

  1. Navigate to Enhanced Forecast Setup in Business Central.
  2. Select Sales and Inventory Forecast Setup and adjust the settings, as needed.
  3. Close the page to return to the Enhanced Forecast Setup page.
  4. Input expressions for item planning parameter calculations into the following fields (Or use default expressions for an initial experiment):
    • Safety Stock Expression
    • Reorder Point Expression
    • Reorder Quantity Expression
    • Maximum Inventory Expression
  1. Set the following fields as needed for the forecasted/calculated fields on the Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet:
    • Round Direction
    • Round Precision

Changes are automatically saved.

Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet

  1. Navigate to Enhanced Forecasting Worksheet in Business Central.
  2. Set the following fields as needed:
    • Item Filter
    • Item Category
    • Item Location
    • Period Type
    • No. of Forecast Periods
    • No. of Past Periods
    • Confidence Level
    • Forecast Algorithm
  3. Select Calculate Forecast.
  4. Select Update Demand Forecast.
  5. Select a demand forecast and select OK (sends results).
  6. Select Update Item Planning (updates the following Planning FastTab fields with corresponding values: Safety Stock Quantity, Reorder Point, Reorder Quantity, and Maximum Inventory).

For information on calculated expression value capabilities, see Expression Evaluator.

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