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If you want the carrier to collect payment on delivery you can use the package options to configure your COD settings.
The COD method and amount can be filled in on the Package Options screen, which can be reached from the package worksheet using –PACKOPTION.
Note that package options are unique to each package, and as such, so do the COD Options. So if there are multiple packages in a shipment you will need to decide if you will apply the full COD amount to one of the packages or split it between each package. If you only have one field on the Sales Header, you’ll have a total instead of per package cost. Applying to each will lead to overcharging. Simply splitting may mean false values per box. The carrier’s typically require COD to be on each package when shipping multiple.
  • UPS will handle COD correctly as long as the first package has a COD value above one dollar. Otherwise it will ignore COD values defined for other packages.
  • FedEx handles COD differently with Ground vs Express shipments. When it’s a ground shipment, the entirety of COD should be on the last package options / package. The others should contain a value of 1. You then need to print the additional COD label. If it’s express, the first package should have the entirety of the COD value and all other packages should have the COD Method blanked and no value. No COD label prints with these.
The carriers also charge for the COD service. This will be rolled into the returned rate, if the COD service is set first. If they know what they get charged for COD, it can be a constant to add to the value.
Since the COD amount must be included before you get the label, there is no way to roll the freight amount into the COD amount – it must be included ahead of time.
If COD is frequently being used, an extension could be made for it.
If the customer wants to use their own carrier account to be billed directly, see:
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