Fix a “Company not licensed” error message in Shop Floor Insight

Fix a “Company not licensed” error message in Shop Floor Insight

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Examples of error messages

The error messages in Shop Floor Insight that relate to a Business Central company not being licenced might look a little different depending on the version of Shop Floor Insight, Business Central (or NAV) and even perhaps which version of Windows.

Troubleshooting Information

The first error message does list the name of the company: “CRONUS Canada, Inc.”. A reminder that the name of the company will also be visible in the URL of the Shop Floor Insight application. The second error also lists the name of the company “Production”. In this error message we can also see a “License Information” section. This section does in fact list all the companies that are licenced to use Shop Floor Insight and it is apparent enough that “Production” is not listed here. These types of errors typically occur for these two reasons:

  • Changing the company name of an already licenced company. (Modifications of the “Display Name” have no impact on licencing)
  • Creating a new Shop Floor Insight service for a Business Central company not licenced

How to address this issue

  • Verify the name of the company as it appears in the error message. It is possible the company name was modified by mistake. Reminder that the “Display Name” of a company has no impact on the Shop Floor Insight licencing; rather it is the name of the company in the “Name” field that does. If that is the case, correct company name in Business Central to match the name as currently licenced in Shop Floor Insight then restart the Shop Floor Insight Service.
  • Gather the list of all company names for which a Shop Floor Insight licence is required.
  • On the server where the Shop Floor Insight service runs, navigate to the folder location of the service. The Shop Floor Insight licence is a text file with a filename of “TCM_MES_License.txt”. Copy this file.
    • The default folder location is “C:\Program Files\Insight Works\Shop Floor Insight”. The service(s) could have been placed in another location(s).
    • Look the Windows services and identify all the related Shop Floor Insight services
    • The file location of the service is found on the “General” tab of the service’s properties.
  • Send an email to with the following information:
    • An image of the error message
    • The list of all companies for which you would like to be licenced for Shop Floor Insight
    • A copy of the Shop Floor Insight licence file
  • A Shop Floor Insight representative will generate a new Shop Floor Insight licence file. This file needs to be placed in the folder location where all Shop Floor Insight services run.
  • Restart the Shop Floor Insight services
  • On the scanning stations, refresh the Shop Floor Insight log in page by pressing CTRL-F5
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