Use Pack Commands

Use Pack Commands

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You can access a barcoded report by completing one of the following:

  • Navigate to Dynamic Ship Pack Commands in Business Central and locate Dynamic Ship Reports.
  • Enter ‐‐HELP into the Scan Here field of the Package Worksheet (we recommend printing and laminating the Dynamic Ship – Pack Commands for each shipping workstation).

The table below is an alphabetical list of some of the available, default Pack Commands. You can create, combine, or reorder barcodes to simplify and speed up your shipping process.

Common Pack Commands

Command  Abbreviation  Description 
‐‐CLEAR ‐‐CLR Clears the current order from the Package Worksheet.
‐‐CUSTOMS ‐‐CST Show Customs Information.
‐‐GETLABEL ‐‐GL Launch the Rate Worksheet.
‐‐GETRETURN ‐‐GR Get the Return Label.
‐‐GETWEIGHT ‐‐GW Get the weight of the current package.
‐‐INSURE ‐‐INS Set the Insurance Amount.
‐‐LABEL ‐‐CL Print Carrier Label(s).
‐‐LPLABEL ‐‐LP Print the Internal Package labels.
‐‐NEW Create a New Package.
‐‐PACKALL ‐‐PA Pack all remaining items.
‐‐PACKDETAIL ‐‐PD Set Package Details.
‐‐PACKOPTION ‐‐PO Set the Package Shipping Options.
‐‐POST Post the Order.
‐‐QUICKLABEL ‐‐QL Opens Quick Label.
‐‐SHIPOPTION ‐‐SO Set the Shipment Options.
‐‐UNPACKALL ‐‐UPA Unpack all items.

For more information, see Chain Multiple Pack Commands.

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  1. Travis Plett
    Travis Plett June 17, 2024 at 9:18 am

    Your Business Central programmers can extend the OnAfterScan() or OnScan() events to add your own scan commands:

  2. Patrick Wantenaar
    Patrick Wantenaar June 12, 2024 at 2:08 am

    How do you create Custom Pack Commands? For example, we have added a report that can be printed from the Package Worksheet. Can I create a pack command to print that report?

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