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Take Order Wizard

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The Take Order Wizard in Insight Works Counter Sales provides order processors with a streamlined workflow for order entry. The Take Order Wizard can be accessed from the role center page for the Counter Sales Order Processor or Counter Sales Manager roles:

The Take Order Wizard guides the user through the following steps:

Enhanced Contact Search

Using the Counter Sales Enhanced Contact Search the order processor can easily look up an existing contact or create a new contact.

To look up an existing contact you can search by their Name, Phone No., and E-Mail Address by simply entering the criteria in the applicable field and the contact list will automatically update with matching results.

To create a new Contact you can click the New Contact action in the ribbon. You will then be prompted to select whether they are a new cash customer, new account customer, or related to the existing customer selected in the Contact list.

If you select new account customer you will then be prompted to select the appropriate template from the Contact Conversion Templates to set up the new customer.

Once the template is set or another option selected, you will be prompted to enter the contact’s details in the Counter Sales Create Contact page.

Once the Contact is selected or created the Take Order Wizard will open the Counter Sales Order page with an initialized order set for the selected contact.

Counter Sales Order

The Counter Sales Order page displays the order details and allows the user to record the terms of the agreement with the contact, process customer payments, and post the order as shipped or as shipped and invoiced. The next section describes the features available from the Counter Sales Order page.

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