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Fixed Asset Count allows you to easily create and execute counts of you business’ fixed assets using either manual entry on a printed count sheet or from Business Central, or automatic entry using barcode scanning from the Warehouse Insight application on a compatible handheld device.

This article guides you through the key features and steps required to install, configure, and use the Fixed Asset Count application.

The following sections are included in this article:

  • Key Features
  • Prerequisites
  • Install
  • Configuration
  • User Guide
  • Uninstall

Key Features

The following is a list of key features included in the Fixed Asset Count application:

  • Automatic count sheet creation: Quickly create count sheets for all Fixed Assets, filtered to your specific needs.
  • Multiple count batches: Create and execute multiple counts at the same time using different count batches.
  • Warehouse Insight integration: Using a handheld barcode scanning device that is installed with Warehouse Insight, complete counts without printing a single sheet of paper.
  • Asset Shelf and Location recording: Record and update shelf numbers for each asset that may be on a shelf.
  • Difference Report: Built-in report to display the results of any differences found in the count and the associated costs of those assets.
  • Automatic Fixed Asset Journal line creation: Upon finalization of the count, all lines where differences are found will be sent to the Fixed Asset journal to be reviewed and recorded.
  • Historical count records: Keep records of all completed counts and the associated costs of assets at the time of counting.


Fixed Asset Count is an add-on for Warehouse Insight 2.11. Before installing, you must complete the following prerequisite:

  • Install and configure Warehouse Insight 2.11 or newer in Business Central.

To complete counts using the Warehouse Insight app and automatic entry with barcode scanning, you must complete the following prerequisites:

  • Install and configure the Warehouse Insight client on an Android-based mobile device.
  • Note that Fixed Asset Counts can be completed manually without any handheld device, but installing the extension still requires the installation of Warehouse Insight.


To install Fixed Asset Count in Business Central, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight Add-on Catalog in Business Central.
  2. Select Fixed Asset Count and Select Install.

This installs all data required to run the Fixed Asset Count application, including the extension app file, the Warehouse Insight applications and supporting data (menus, columns, and more).

Once the installation steps are completed, reload the app configuration in the Warehouse Insight menu to populate the device with the new application data. Fixed Asset Count will now be available to select from the Warehouse Insight home screen on your mobile device.


Once the installation is complete, you can choose to use the Fixed Asset Count assisted Setup Wizard to import default data to help you get started faster (optional). This includes a default count batch and number series to use with the count sheets. These can always be configured manually later.

Fixed Asset Count does not have a dedicated setup page to keep the add-on simple. The configuration options are available on the Fixed Asset Count Batches page can be configured per batch. You can set the document number series used for each count, the template and batch name to use when sending completed count lines to the Fixed Asset journal, and an option to automatically update asset shelf numbers during counting.

User Guide

Once all configuration is complete, it is time to prepare a count.

    1. Navigate to the Fixed Asset Count page in Business Central.
    2. Select the required batch to use.
    3. Select the Generate Count action under the Prepare tab.
    4. Set filters as needed and select OK to generate the count sheet.
    5. Navigate to Warehouse Insight.
    6. Select Fixed Asset Count and select a batch (or scan a barcode) containing the batch name.
    7. Record the locations or shelf numbers for the assets (optional):
      1. Open the menu and select one of the following:
        • Set Current Location
        • Set Current Shelf No.
      2. Enter the current code.
    8.  Select the Actions tab and select Finalize Count.

If a mistake was made and the quantity of a line needs to be changed, use the Change Qty menu option to set the quantity of any line to 0 or 1.

The app sends all count lines to the Completed Count Lines table for historical records and creates Fixed Asset Journal lines for all lines with quantity discrepancies. An accountant can review and modify these lines before posting by selecting the Related tab and choose Fixed Asset Journal to open the journal that the lines were populated into.


Below are the steps to remove the Fixed Asset Count module. You need to manually remove the extension and any configuration data.

  1. Navigate to the Extension Management page in Business Central.
  2. Select the record for Fixed Asset Count.
  3. Select Uninstall in the Manage tab.

Remove the option from the main menu of the Warehouse Insight devices:

  1. Navigate to the Warehouse Insight Device Menus page in Business Central.
  2. Select Main in the Form field.
  3. Delete the record for Fixed Asset Count.

Fixed Asset is no longer visible from Business Central or the Warehouse Insight devices. However, you may want to clean up lingering configuration records, although they will not cause any conflicts or issues if they remain. These include device columns, event codes, application menus, and applications. These records can be deleted from the following pages:

  • Warehouse Insight Device Columns
  • Warehouse Insight Event Codes
  • Warehouse Insight Device Menus
  • Warehouse Insight Applications
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