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The following release notes contain updates made to Graphical Scheduler. Listed below are the versions and their new features, improvements, and fixes. Please refer to the following information pertaining to your version of Graphical Scheduler. Upgrade to the current version of the application to access new features, improvements, and fixes.

For any questions, please contact Support.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.6

Release Date: May 2022

Compatible With:

  • Business Central 16.0 and newer
  • Insight Works Common 2.5

Licensing Requirements:

Full User, Essential

New Features

New Feature Description
Configurable Writes on Custom Tables Added the ability for the Anything data provider to write changes.
Calendar Scales Added calendar-style scales in addition to the existing timeline based scales.
Start from Production Order Added actions to start the Graphical Scheduler from production orders directly.

Improvements and Fixes

Improvement or Fix Description
Cell and Tooltip Templates Improved ability to configure cell and tooltip templates.
Holidays Improved Shop Calendar holidays rendering. Remove and re-add the holidays to take advantage of this feature.
Flat Work Center tree Improved the flat work center tree.
Resource trees Improved the resource trees to render machine types.
Dragging Improved usability when dragging.
Is Late flags Improved usability of the automatic Is Late fields.
Navigation Improved navigation for Anything providers to try and use the card page when possible to navigate when clicking Details.
Planning Worksheet Improved usability starting the Graphical Scheduler from the planning worksheet.
Business Central v20 Improvements to support technical changes introduced for Business Central v20.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.5.81

Release Date: April 2022

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Hourly timeline view Improved visibility of 11pm to midnight for 24 hour shops.
Flat work center tree Improvements in the flat work center tree.
Sales Lines Improvements to support sales lines with the Anything provider using the resource tree.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.5.80

Release Date: February 2022

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Work Center Load Improved usability of Details button when used with work center load.
Styles and Colors Improvements on cell section coloring.
Layout Usability improvements on the layout of the scheduler fields in Business Central production pages.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.5.78

Release Date: June 2021

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
French Translations Improved French Translations.
Integration Improvements in technical integrations options (more events added).

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.5

Release Date: April 2021

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Connecting Lines Improved line rendering, and changed rendering to remove fading gray lines.
Double-click Improvements on handling of double-click events.
Colors Additional default colors added.
Zoom to order Added an ability to zoom to a specific document, supported by some data source providers.
Non-working hours Improvements on visualization of non-working hours.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.4

Release Date: February 2021

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Late categories Added an ability to categorize how late an order is.
Line connections Improvements in line connection rendering.
Cell Height menu Improved menu lookup for cell height.
User identifiers Improved user views when the user ID has a special character.
Sorting Added ability to have a custom sort order for machines, work centers, and resources, in additional to sorting by the no. or name.
Whitespace clicks Improved usability so that whitespace clicks de-select a cell.
Anything provider Introduction of the anything provider for read-only data.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.3

Release Date: January 2021

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Grouped routings Added experimental feature for grouped routings.
Job Planning Lines Added experimental feature for job planning lines.
Visual connectors Added experimental feature to show connectors between production order routing lines.
Large Datasets Added indicator for loading information from very large datasets, and added ability to configure timeouts to work with very large datasets.
Hours Scale Improvements rendering the start time in the hours scale.
Last Date Improvements on rendering of data in the last data.
Date paging Usability improvements with date paging.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.2

Release Date: December 2020

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Ireland Added regional support for Ireland.
Additional language improvements Added additional improvements for dragging and dropping data in different languages.
Performance Improved performance.
Better handling of bad data Improved ability to handle incomplete information.
Better defaults Improved default configuration.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.1

Release Date: October 2020

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Regional improvements Additional changes to support more regions.

Graphical Scheduler Version 1.0

Release Date: September 2020

New Feature, Improvement, or Fix Description
Initial Version First release of the Graphical Scheduler, showing production order routing lines and other basic production-related information.
Drag and Drop An ability to drag and drop to re-schedule using existing Business Central scheduling logic.
Colors and Styles An ability to choose conditional colors and styles.
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